Aviator Crash Game in India

The crash game Aviator from the developer Spribe is taking the world by storm! No other game has managed to inspire such a large number of fans in recent months or years. Thanks to its easy-to-understand gameplay, Aviator has captured the hearts of gamers around the world. How can I play Aviator online and what information do I need? aviator-winners.com has made it its business to explain the game in a simple and understandable way for all gamers. In addition, we inform you about all promotions and bonus offers for Aviator. Finally, we also go into various strategies that are available for the game.

how to place a bet on aviator crash game

Where can I play Aviator?

Aviator online is getting more and more popular in India. Different sportsbook providers and online casinos offer the game online. With our list you’ll find the best sites to play Aviator online in India

Pin up CasinoAviator at Pin Up Casino
MostbetMostbet Aviator
Parimatchplay Aviator at Parimatch
1winplay Aviator at 1win
sportsbet.ioplay Aviator at sportsbet.io

How much can I win? 🏆

The maximum you can multiply your bet in the Aviator Game is 500. The amount of the winnings varies with the stake allowed by the provider (which is different in every country and with every provider). The RTP – return to player – is 97%, which means that 97% of the money wagered goes back to the player. The provider of the Aviator online game therefore only takes a share of 3%. This is within the normal range for a crash game; the RTP for slot games is usually lower (between 90 and 95%).

How does Aviator work?

A game round of Aviator is explained quickly and easily. The following steps are necessary to play a complete game round:

  1. Select bet – first you need to place your bet (you can either play a single game or play two bets at the same time).
  2. The game round starts – the plane takes off and the multiplier increases.
  3. Cash out – as soon as you press the cash out button, you will have your stake x multiplier in your account.
  4. The plane flies away – if this happens, you have lost your bet.

The basic concept of Aviator online is very simple, it is all about playing as many games as possible in a short time. That’s why high winnings, but also losses, are possible. However, the crash game also has other features that provide additional excitement. In the next section we will take a look at the other possibilities.

how to cash out your bet on aviator

All functions explained

At first glance, the game Aviator seems very simple, but there are many small features that make the flight even more exciting. We list all the functions for you and explain what they are all about.

Set avatar

You can choose from a number of avatars in the settings that will be displayed to you during the game and in the chat. The avatar will appear next to your name. Normally you can choose between 50-60 different images.


The Crash Game has a chat function in which all players can communicate with each other. You can congratulate your fellow players on winning or simply exchange opinions.

Rain Promotion

The developers of Aviator have also included an additional function in the chat, which can be used by the providers as a promotion. The providers can rain money here, which can be caught by the users. By clicking on the “Claim” button, the fastest player receives the money.

Freebets / Free Games

In the settings there is also an item with free bets. The providers can distribute freebets or free games to the players, which can then be seen under the specific menu item.

Round History

One of the most important functions at Aviator online is the list of past rounds including multiplier. Here you can see at a glance how the last 20 rounds have gone. Especially for the strategists among you, important conclusions can be drawn from this.

the round history is very important on aviator online

Winning information

Aviator is a social game where you can always see how much other players are betting and winning. These winnings are displayed in a list, where you can choose between all the winners and your winnings. Sometimes there is also the option to see the biggest winnings of the day.

Auto Play

This function is known from slot games, you can start each round with an automatic bet. The options here are very diverse. You can choose the stake per round and the number of flights to be played. In addition, there are three further options. You can set a win amount at which you want to stop, but you can also set at how much loss you want to stop. The third function concerns the highest win at which you want to stop the autoplay.

Auto Cash Out

The Auto Play function is linked to another Auto Cash Out. You can set a multiplier at which you automatically stop the game.


Many providers play so-called tournaments or races in which a certain amount is deposited as an entry fee. Then, for example, the game is played for points, with the user with the highest number of points winning the main prize after a certain number of flights or after a time limit.

Aviator FAQ

What is the maximum I can win on Aviator?

The biggest multiplier is 500, so your bet is multiplied by the number 500. If you bet €2, the resulting winnings would be €1,000. However, the highest multiplier is rarely achieved. However, the providers can stipulate a maximum win amount in the general terms and conditions.

Are there also promotions for the game Aviator?

Numerous providers have promotions for Aviator in their programme. These range from free games to tournaments or jackpots where large sums are played for. We try to list all the important promos on aviator-winners.com for you.

Can you play Aviator without animation?

In the settings of the game you can turn off the sound and the animation of the flight. Without the plane, the multiplier simply runs as a number. However, this does not change the function of the game.

Strategies for Aviator

If you poke around a bit on the internet, you will find numerous approaches on how to be successful with Aviator in the long run. First of all, it should be noted that this is a game in which up to 97% of the stakes are returned to the user. This means that the providers retain 3% as commission. The following strategies are recommended after detailed research:

  • Analysis of the last rounds
    The exact analysis of the multipliers of the last rounds is immensely important. This is because high profits are only possible from time to time. Therefore, it is worth looking for when the last x100 multiplier was paid out. Predictor apps work according to the same scheme, they simply analyse the past game rounds and their outcome.
  • Choosing the right bet
    Good bankroll management is crucial for all games, whether aviator, poker or slots. You should not bet too high if your account is not well filled. In the online crash game Aviator, small bets are possible, and you should take advantage of them at the beginning.
  • Use the Auto Cash Out function
    Due to the speed of the game, it is advantageous to use the Auto Cash Out function. Only with the help of the automatic payout can you safely cash out at the multiplier you are aiming for.
  • Place two bets at the same time
    Aviator offers the possibility to play a flight with two different picks. You can use this to vary your picks. With the first bet, you try to make a small profit. With the second bet, the multiplier is set higher. In the best case, this aviator strategy works and you win twice; in the worst case, you take the small bet with you.

What other crash games are there?

The genre of crash games has, of course, developed greatly due to the great success of Aviator online. Besides the aeroplane game, there are other games that you might like:

JetX ✈️

This game comes from the developer Smartsoft Gaming and is almost identical to Aviator in terms of function. Instead of a plane, a fighter jet flies here. It takes off on a runway, and the graphics are strongly reminiscent of a 2D game. Before the jet explodes, the pilots parachute down.

Rocketman 🚀

Rocketman was developed by Elbet and shows a rocket ascending into space. Compared to JetX, the graphics here are more colourful and modern. The rocket rises vertically, which is a significant difference from the game Aviator.

Pakakumi 📈

Pakakumi likes to call itself the “original” in the crash or bust game genre. Here, the multiplier is represented only in the form of a simple line. The game enjoys great popularity, especially in Kenya.